Welcome to Seymour Hospital in Baylor County Texas. We are a 49 bed, not-for-profit, acute care hospital with a designation of level 4 trauma center. We are the provider of quality healthcare services for Baylor County and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to bring excellence and integrity as well as compassionate and responsible care in a friendly and professional environment to all our patients and their families.

Construction Notice

Seymour Hospital would like to ask the community for their patience throughout our construction period. We plan to have ample signage to help the flow of traffic, however, during this time Emergency Drive will be closed. The front door entrance will be blocked as well as the Emergency Room entrance, so you must use the north side of the hospital to achieve access to the front doors. This will be our temporary entrance for approximately 6 months and we will keep you informed once the main entrance becomes available again. A portion of the front patient parking on the Southeast side of the building will be fenced off, however if those parking spaces are full you may use the front row on the North side of the hospital. This access will be closest to the main entry and will be handicapped accessible. Please call (940) 889-5572 if you are in need of assistance into the building, our employees will graciously oblige in your aid.

Texas Quality Improvement Bronze Award     
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Seymour Hospital