Coronavirus (COVID-19) News

    Visitor Restrictions during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Revised 10-6-2021

    Seymour hospital is dedicated to providing the best care for our patients and their families.  We must also abide by the regulations imposed upon hospitals during these unprecedented times. We appreciate your cooperation.

    1. Each patient will be allowed one visitor who will be allowed to enter the hospital each day. This includes ambulatory surgery patients.
    2. Visitors must enter at the Front or ER entrance and be screened for exposure and for temperature and will not be allowed in if they have a temperature above 100.4.
    3. The visitor must wear a mask while in the hospital.
    4. The visitor must stay in the patient room while in the hospital. If anything is needed, contact the nurses. Visitors are not permitted to go to any other area of the hospital.
    5. NO visitors are allowed in the Emergency Room. Caregivers are allowed at the discretion of staff.
    6. Only one visitor per patient may wait in the ER waiting room.
    7. Covid patients in isolation will not be allowed to have visitors.
    8. The physician or the charge nurse can make exceptions on a case by case basis. If allowed in visitors must wear all appropriate PPE.
    9. No visitors are allowed for outpatient services.



    This image is to assist the public with the change in our policy with visitation. The ER Entrance will continue to be the only entrance into Seymour Hospital.

    After 5:00 pm, the doors WILL BE LOCKED. We are asking everyone who arrives to utilize the bell located to the right side or the ER door. Our staff will be there to greet you shortly.



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