Medical Staff

    Dr. Eloisa Banez

    Eloisa Banez, MD

    Chief of Staff

    Internal Medicine
    Joined Seymour Hospital: 2011

    Has Practiced Medicine for last 31 years.
    Specializes in Internal Medicine where she works in:

    • Diagnosis and treatment of adults
    • Acute Illnesses
    • Diseases of Abdomen
    • Diabetes
    • Issues of Heart
    • Diseases of the Lung
    • Preventative Medicine
    • Seeing patients in Seymour Rehabilitation and Healthcare and Munday Nursing Center

    Attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church
    Finds Seymour Hospital a wonderful place to work and Seymour the kind of town she wants to settle in.

    Dr. Toni Chu

    Toni Chu, MD

    Pediatric Medicine
    Joined Seymour Hospital: 2008

    • High School: Temple, Texas
    • Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
    • Residency: Baylor College of Medicine Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital
    • Joined Seymour Hospital and Rural Health Clinic in 2008 where she is specializing in pediatrics
    • Oversees Texas Health Steps in Seymour
    • Certified by American Board of Pediatrics

    Dedicated to serving infants, children, and adolescents in rural Texas.

    Dr. Larry Howard

    Larry Howard, PA

    Family and Emergency Medicine
    Joined Seymour Hospital: 2003

    • High School: Laverne High School
    • College: Oklahoma Panhandle State University
    • Physician Assistant School: Texas Tech University
    • He joined the medical staff at Seymour Hospital and Rural Health Clinic in 2003 where he works in family medicine and emergency medicine.
    • Clinical Director of the Rural Health Clinic
    • Medical Advisor to EMS.

    Larry is passionate about bringing quality healthcare to rural Texas. His motto is “Serving God Through Medicine.”

    Dr. Larry Boyd

    Larry Boyd, MD

    Family Medicine
    Joined Seymour Hospital: 2016

    • Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine
    • Residency: Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia
    • Joined Seymour Hospital and Rural Health Clinic in 2016
    • Certified by American Board of General Practice

    Dr. Larry Boyd at the Women’s Health and Obstetrics department, has been delivering babies since 1994, including c-sections.

    OB/GYN services offered include:

    • Pre natal Care
    • Deliveries
    • Gynecological Procedures
    • Insertion and removal of birth control devices

    Dr. Boyd is board certified by the American Board of General Practices.

    Dr. Adam Hertel

    Adam Hertel, MD

    Family Medicine
    Joined Seymour Hospital: 2017

    • High School: Seymour High School
    • College: Texas Tech University
    • Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine
    • Residency: Family Medicine Residency UT Health Northeast
    • Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine

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